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The Jewel Of Russia CLASSIC Vodka 1 LITER

The Jewel Of Russia CLASSIC Vodka 1 LITER

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"The Jewel of Russia" brings to the United States the best of Russian vodka-making traditions - directly from the heart of Russia.

Only natural ingredients and genuine recipes are used in making the Jewel of Russia vodka and (unique in the US market) vodka-based infusions that satisfy the most demanding tastes. The brand's top priority is to preserve the distinctive and authentic character of the traditional Russian Vodka, while achieving the highest level of smoothness.

The Jewel of Russia™  Classic – vodka that revives centuries-old traditions of making vodka in Russia.  It is packaged in a bottle of matchless beauty and simplicity that was designed and used over 300 years ago in the days of Peter the Great of Russia.

 Distilled four times, this vodka undergoes a five step slow-flow filtration, including treatment through silver membrane cartridges.  Non-GMO certified rye gives this vodka a unique and refined taste with a distinctively Russian character.      

  Critics acclaim: “Gold Award” (SFWS Competition); “Exceptional” (BTI); “4 stars” – (Spirit Journal); “TOP 3 vodkas” (WSJ); “93 rating” (Wine Enthusiast).

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