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The Jewel Of Russia Berry (Wild Cranberry) Infusion 1 LITER

The Jewel Of Russia Berry (Wild Cranberry) Infusion 1 LITER

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The Berry infusion line of The Jewel of Russia brand family is an artful blend of Wild Cranberries and rye-based distilled spirit made at The Jewel of Russia distillery.

 Fresh berries are crushed and soaked in vodka for an extended period of time thus converting this blend into a naturally infused beverage characterized by stronger bond of its ingredients on the molecular level. This is why, for example the infusion never separates into heavier and lighter parts unless you subject it to extremely low temperatures. Freezing won’t affect the product’s taste but we do not recommend doing this as due to the true natural character it could become cloudy.

 Our Infusions are made naturally from wild Cranberries (hand-picked in the wilderness), and Non-GMO Certified Rye Grain. In 2017 it received the Eco-Product Certification from Russian Division of DQS Holding GmbH, Germany. Even though The Jewel of Russia Berry Infusion is made using neutral grain spirit it is absolutely free of gluten because no gluten could be trapped in spirits during the distillation process (proven by scientists).  

 This product is quite delicate. Please try not to expose it to direct sunlight for longer periods of time as this could intensify the sedimentation of the cranberry infusion’s heavier particles. Also, do not subject the product to brisk temperature changes. Finally, don’t forget to close tight the cap as the Infusion can oxidize in time (in a few months).

 When mixing, please refrain from using any ingredients containing preservatives. This will affect the natural taste. This product is free of any artificial colorings, flavorings and taste enhancers.

 You can often notice sedimentation development in the bottle. There is absolutely nothing bad or wrong about this. Like unfiltered wine, the infusion will inevitably accumulate on the bottom heavier particles from berry skins. This is a natural process.   

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